From the Garden

Welcome to the 2014 growing season.  We always have a renewed sense of fulfillment and excitement this time of year.  Hopes are high and expectations are great.  We stand in the glow of something truly amazing.  To watch the process from seed to harvest is truly awe inspiring.  We are truly grateful for the blessings we have and the ability to provide for our family with the gifts God and nature have given us.

Here are the pictures from the garden.  They are several weeks old as you can tell.  They’ve been sitting on my SD card just waiting to be edited and uploaded.  Better late than never.

Most of these pictures are only from the garden itself.  We have a multitude of pots and containers around the property with everything from peppers to Chervil.  Check back often to see  AUH travel through the growing season.

The plants are all in the garden spaces, but all these little guys started out here in our new greenhouse!  We love it.

Greenhouse                        Greenhouse Inside


They have long since been moved to the garden and are doing great!  But this is how they started out.



It looks to be a good season at the homestead.


Happy planting.

Lisa :)

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