Coming to a Close

September 16, 2014 lisa63 gardenherbsmiscellaneous

Well the growing season is coming to a close.  The early cool temperatures have made the plants slow down quite a bit.  But I look forward to Indian Summer and maybe another tomato or two.

We have already composted half of our tomato plants and a few pepper plants.  The pumpkins and squash are done due to the squash vine borer beetle.  It was a shame since we had some very promising fruit this year. We did manage to get one very small pumpkin before the vines died.  It will make a nice addition to my Fall centerpiece.

Even though the summer plants are winding down, I’m just getting ready to plant my Garlic.  I will plant the bulbs in September or even as late as October and let it do it’s thing until June or July of next year.  I didn’t plant any garlic last season as I still had plenty from the season before.  But that, too, is dwindling and I need to plant more this Fall.

chamomile blossomsSadly, my Chamomile plants are done for the season.  I did harvest a couple jars of flowers to make tea this Winter.  I am not a huge Tea fan, but it’s just the ticket when winter illnesses start showing up.

My Calendula is still doing quite well and I hope to have enough to get me through to next Fall.  I have about a gallon bag of dried flowers which should make 4 pint jars of infused oil.  I also have some Comfrey left from last season to add to it, in which case I would only use about 1/2 of what I’ve harvested.

On a very bright note, we harvested more than 8 gallons of Green Beans!  We’ve gotten so many this season that we started giving them away to anyone who wanted them.  We still have 5 gallons in the freezer.

Every year there is one type of plant that flourishes and produces more than any other plant in the garden.  This year it was the pole beans.  And that’s a good thing since I love green beans!

All in all it has not been the best growing season we’ve ever had.  Although at least this year we didn’t have to deal with the raccoon family from last season.  The family of six raccoons decimated our tomatoes, peppers, and corn, taking one bite and throwing the rest of the fruit on the ground.  It took them most of the season to find our corn, but when they finally found it, they ripped down more than half the stalks.  Thankfully they did not return this season.

But every season a garden has to deal with some type of “thief.”  This season we had to deal with human thieves.  Someone came on more than one occasion and stole most of our red tomatoes and our largest peppers.  The only eggplant that produced this season was also taken.  This has been very frustrating.  We have dealt with this in the past, but this season was the worst so far.  As I’ve stated in the past, if you are hungry, just ask…we will share what we have.  So the last of the tomatoes, which we planned to make sauce with, is basically gone.  Hopefully the tomatoes that are left will be enough to make more salsa.  And if we get a nice warm spell during the last of September and into October, we may get a few more.

So, even though the growing season is coming to a close, there is still a great deal of work to do to prepare for the winter.  But more on that later.  In the meantime…

Happy Harvesting,

Lisa :)

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